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1/ The idea and  the basic concept

The customer's ambition: "halve the number of pump strokes required  to inflate a tire"

The target of the product: e-bikers who ride in mountainous terrain.

Desired characteristics:

- be able to inflate tubeless tires,

- be as compact as possible,

- be reliable and robust.


DiaoLang  Street No.98, 
DiaoLang  Village, HuangJiang  Town,  Dong Guan  City, GuangDong  Province


XFQ France
8 rue Jacques Brel
44760 Les Moutiers-en-Retz


XFQ Limited
Units 1005-6 10/F
Cigna Tower
482 Jaffe Road Causeway Bay
hong kong

plan technique pompe de vélo azote
logo azote pompe de velo

Azote² project: how XFQ developed  and made the prototype of an innovative bicycle pump?

2/ Product development and 3D plan

XFQ offers a technical solution with the work of its engineers

Research and 3D design of a prototype 

The solution envisaged by the customer and the XFQ design office: create a pump with a double action pumping system. The pump should  inject air by pushing and pulling the handle. While being easy to use.

3/ Manufacture of the prototype

From machined parts and components

Once the 3D plans have been validated by the client, XFQ launches the manufacture of prototypes from machined parts and components. This is the stage that will validate the technical hypotheses and consider production on a larger scale.  

This is also the time to mark and decorate the prototype in the colors of the brand.

logo azote pompe

4/ Tests and performance measurement

Practiced by engineers  XFQ and customer directly.

Synthesized prototype test results

The prototypes made it possible to test a prefabricated version  of the pump which gave satisfactory results. Charges the client with using the prototype in a real situation to validate it. Once this step is completed, XFQ will be able to develop the tools necessary for mass production: moulds, etc.

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